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Steelbringers and Flambenders

February 19. 2015 - written by Kanab at 22:40

Ka'graz's forge burns no longer as the Flamebender has fallen before the Wolves of War. Blackhand will have to find another minion to imbue his armaments with the essence of flame.


Once More Unto the Breach, Blackrock Foundry Has Arrived

February 3. 2015 - written by Kanab at 20:52

The gates of Blackrock Foundry have opened and the Wolves of War have jumped right into the fray making quick work of Gruul. Oregorger was a little more of a challenge but after a couple looks the pack rolled right over him.

The Imperator of High Maul has Fallen

January 1. 2015 - written by Kanab at 22:56

The new year has already yielded a new kill for Wolves of War. The final boss, Imperator Mar'Gok has fallen and normal High Maul has been cleared. Now back to those pesky heroic twins.

Imperator Mar'Gok

  Blackrock Foundry
Normal 8/10
Heroic 5/10
Mythic 0/10
Normal 7/7
Heroic 7/7
Mythic 1/7
 Loading Status...
class 2 Druid
    Healer medium
class 5 Paladin
    Healer medium
class 6 Priest
    Healer medium
class 8 Shaman
    Healer medium
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Halik (750 EPGP)
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