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Dino Down, 11/14 Heroic

Written by Kanab on .

Only 2 more remain between the Wolves of War and a date with Heroic Garrosh after the Wolf Pack made quick work of Thok the Bloodthirsty this evening. Siegecrafter Blackfuse, can you hear what is coming for you in the night?

One Step Closer, 10/14 Heroic

Written by Kanab on .

At last the heroic version of The Spoils of Pandaria have been plundered by the Wolves of War. Congrats to all and a big thanks to everyone who put in the time to help us refine our strategy for conquering this challenge. Next up, a date with a dino.


Malkorok has Fallen - 9/14 H

Written by Kanab on .

The Wolf Pack continues to press forward toward a final heroic encounter with Garrosh Hellscream. Malkorok no longer stands between us and our ultimate goal. A hearty well done to all the Wolves who have brought us this far.